Chemical Engineering

The department offers undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering and graduate studies in Green Engineering at both Ashdod and Be’er Sheva campuses.

Chemical, biological and physical production processes are implemented in numerous industries worldwide, including plastic, "heavy" chemistry, mild chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, water, energy, food, biotechnology and others.

A chemical engineer must be familiar with these processes, and have a deep understanding of them, starting from the molecular level and all the way through to the production stage, while integrating various disciplines.

“Green Engineering”, or “Sustainable Engineering”, is a new model that essentially combines principles, values and environmental awareness with science, technology and engineering – with the goal of enabling a positive impact on local and global environments.

Green Engineering focuses on wide-ranging and preliminary planning of processes and systems, while minimizing their environmental effect. As such, Green Engineering factors in the entire product lifecycle, starting with the production of raw materials and energy, through technology and resources implemented in the production process, and to recycling and handling of the final product.   

The chemical engineering department at SCE maintains wide-ranging relationships with the processes industry in Israel. Graduates of the department have been successfully employed by various local companies and plants, including ICL, Adama, Teva, Chemagis, Intel, Rotem and Kamada, amongst others.      

Graduate Program

Awarded Degree

M.Sc. Graduate Degree with a thesis


University Tuition


Be'er Sheva

Duration of Studies

2 years

Start of Studies



Application Requirements

Combined average of 80 (or above) in undergraduate degree
Top 25 percentile of class

The program in Green Engineering is an innovative and unique program in Israel, similar to such programs studied at leading academic institutions across the globe.

Green Engineering training targets engineers in various fields who plan systems, are involved in technological and operational aspects of systems and processes, and make decisions that impact the environment, society and the economy, as well as future generations.

The program’s main objectives: To expose students to the importance of factoring in the environmental, social and economic effects on planning, design, operations and management of systems and processes; To impart technological skills that enable the bettering of human and natural environments.

The graduate program in Green Engineering with a thesis is focused on research, in-depth analysis, integration, and the acquiring of specialization regarding a particular topic. These studies also provide graduates with the skills that will enable them to deal with the complexity and multi-disciplinary requirements of green engineering.

The program is open to applicants with an undergraduate degree in engineering or natural sciences. Each student will receive a tailored program that suits his or her undergraduate background, and will be required to complete supplementary courses as necessary.

The program spans over a period of two academic years and includes a total of 36 credit points, divided accordingly: 12 credits for compulsory courses; 12 credits for elective courses in three tracks – Sustainable Environment, Alternative Energy and Environmental Management; 12 credits for the thesis project.