The "Masa" program, which is conducted in collaboration with the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel, offers Jewish youth from across the globe the chance to reside in Israel for a period of several months up to a year, in one of two path options: volunteering, internship and work.

During the academic year of 2014-2015, SCE and "Masa" mutually established the "First Pulse of Engineering Studies - France" academic program. This unique program offers young French high school graduates who majored in sciences the chance to come to SCE and attend a Hebrew language course ("ulpan") as well as a preparatory program designed to prepare them for academic studies at the college. In addition to the academic subjects studied at the preparatory program, students also benefit from the chance to experience the country through trips and excursions, and to learn about the country and its heritage.  During the first three years since this program was established, an average of 13 students have participated each year, most of whom have immigrated to Israel and have either continued their engineering studies at SCE or joined the IDF.

The students' high motivation to succeed in their studies, along with SCE support, enables graduates of this program to fully integrate into the college. This year, the fifth cycle of this program will graduate, and most of those who successfully completed the preparatory program are likely to begin their 1st year of academic studies in the various departments. They will join other graduates of the program who are already studying in the departments of Industrial Engineering and Management, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.  This program is also expected to open in the upcoming academic year of 2020-2021. 

About Masa:
Masa is the global leader in immersive international career development and leadership experiences in Israel for young Jewish adults from around the world. With a variety of long-term programs in Israel, Masa is able to provide meaningful, enriching experiences to young Jews from many different countries, backgrounds, levels of education, and fields.
Since its founding in 2004, Masa has helped over 150,000 young adults from 60+ countries to strengthen their connection with Israel, empowering a new generation of connected, committed, and inspired young Jewish adults. These young adults are changing the face of the Jewish world and Israel, as professionals, community leaders, and advocates.