Computer Sciences

The department for computer science studies at the Beer Sheba campus offers first degree studies in computer sciences (B Sc) with specialization courses in data sciences, data and cyber security and artificial intelligence.

The purpose of studies in the department is to train graduates in the field of computer sciences in response to developing economy and hi-tech industry requirements in Israel. The program will provide graduates with a set of tools in a variety of core course areas – such as data sciences, cyber and software studies – which will enable graduates to participate in the development of hi-tech industries and development centers in the city and its environs.

The department graduates will be able to integrate into the academic world and pursue advanced degrees and contribute to research and development in computer sciences.

Undergraduate Program

Awarded Degree


Specialization Tracks

Data sciences
Data and cyber security
Artificial intelligence


University Tuition



Duration of Studies

3 years

Start of Studies

Winter 2021


Application Requirements

- Fully Completed Matriculation Exams (High School Diploma)

-  Psychometric / Psycho-technical Exam (Grade must be above 580)

- 5 Point Mathematics (Grade must be above 80)

Pre-Academic Preparatory Program

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements will be required to participate in the SCE pre-academic preparatory program for Computer Sciences.

The bachelor degree course in computer sciences at the college is designed for students that matriculated in sciences and computers courses, and are interested in acquiring higher education and specializing in computer sciences to become part of the hi-tech industry.

The proposed curriculum awards a Bachelor of Science degree in computer sciences. It is a three-year program comprised of groups of subjects: basic natural science subjects, which are the basic compulsory subjects and include mathematical subjects; core computer science subjects that are compulsory and award the student basic knowledge in computer sciences, subjects for choice, advanced subjects in the field of computer sciences and software engineering. Each student has to complete a final project and select five choice subjects and a seminar to accumulate 122.5 credit points. As part of the program, the students can specialize in one of 3 proposed learning courses:

  • Data sciences – a leading field in high demand in the hi-tech industry and in many large companies (such as Google, Facebook, etc.). The field requires in-depth specialization and knowledge of learning techniques and artificial intelligence, decentralized systems, cloud computing, etc.
  • Data and cyber security – a popular field and of great importance in an era where vast amounts of information stored on local computers and cloud computing are exposed to cyber attacks from hostile elements. The world of data security deals with protection, identification and prevention of cyber-attacks, theft of confidential digital information and intrusion of privacy.
  • Artificial intelligence – the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing rapidly over recent years in the academic world and in the hi-tech industry and is integrated into various applications in a variety of fields associated with artificial intelligence, such as medicine, robotics, computerized vision, automatic vehicles, cyber, etc.

The course graduates will acquire tools for analytical and structured thinking and a basis for in-depth theoretical understanding of computer sciences and their application in various contexts. They will have a wide mathematical basis and a comprehensive background basis in all areas relating to computer sciences, extensive knowledge of programming languages, data bases and advance computing technologies. Graduates will have the ability to deeply understand and analyse computerized systems, the ability to adapt to advanced systems and to develop algorithms for solving complex problems. The curriculum provides skills to participate in and lead challenging projects in the development of computerized systems, software systems, communications systems and embedded systems.

The profession of computer sciences is one of the highest in demand in Israel, and those that occupy this profession appear at the top of salary charts on the economy, whereas the field is a leading engine for growth on the Israeli market.


*Certification of graduates is subject to approval of the Council for Higher Education.