In 2016, the CQA also initiated the first joint “Quality-South Conference” with the Nuclear Research Center-Negev (NRCN), the Israel Society for Quality (ISQ) and the Israeli Union of Industrialists.

This conference was meant to impart professional knowledge to those involved in the area of quality and to provide a platform for the exchange of opinions between professional colleagues from industry, institutions and various organizations in the Negev Region on topics such as: R&D, production, acquisitions, etc.

People dealing with quality assurance and security and all those involved in matters of quality in the various sectors (industry, academia, and the public and private sectors) all were invited to submit their abstracts, so they might give presentations at the conferences.

Attached are links to two of the latest conferences:

“Quality-South Conference” 2017 (in Hebrew)

“Quality-South Conference” 2018 (in Hebrew)