The CQA is responsible for the process that compensates excellent faculty members.

The final determination of the entitlement for receiving such compensation for excellence is made at the completion of a multi-staged process.
During the first stage, all the senior and full-time members of the SCE staff fill out detailed questionnaires that reflect various aspects of their activities at SCE: excellence in teaching; research activities; contributions to the College; involvement in the life at SCE; contributions to the institution’s prestige; community action; and other activities.
In the second stage, the superior of each staff member fills out an evaluation form on that person’s activities in the following areas: contributions to the institution; involvement in the life at SCE or in his/her department; community action; functioning and other activities.
Each paragraph, both in the member’s form and in the superior’s evaluation, has weight.
During the final stage, an annual total score of the year’s measurable activities and contributions is tallied for each faculty member on the basis of his/her own activity self-report and the points scored for good functioning and outcomes by the direct superior.

In accordance with this cumulated score, about 20% of the faculty members are rewarded at each academic level at three degrees of compensation. The reward for excellence is granted for the duration of an entire year.

The CQA sends a detailed letter to each faculty member, summarizing all the scores received for each item in both the evaluations, the self-evaluation and the superior’s assessment.