This department handles all accounting logging, payments, payment collections from clients and financial reports.

In the framework of its activities, the department is responsible for the following:

  • Clients – Generating invoices, payments collection, money reception and logging.
  • Suppliers and Service Providers – Receiving invoices, payments, foreclosures, guarantees, implementing agreements and reviewing invoices for payment.
  • Employees – Handling expense reimbursements, overseas travel reports and allocating foreign currency, settling accounts for conferences and training programs in Israel, etc.
  • Accounting logs of tuition and salary interfaces.
  • Logging and reporting of donations according to their designations.
  • Managing and monitoring investments, feasibility assessments of investments pertaining to terms, liquidity, etc. 
  • Planning cash flow.
  • Managing bank accounts, including logging, adaptations, and ongoing communication with banks. Preparing management reports upon request, reports for external parties such as the non-profit association registrar, governmental offices, etc.
  • Preparing annual financial reports.
  • Managing income tax issues, communicating with the tax authority, tax reports, and updating guidelines and forms according to the tax authority updates.