To march our students from the Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering departments into the world of tomorrow, we must expose them to the advanced technology, which is at the forefront of current research, equipment, and methodology.

The Nanotechnology Center was established for just this purpose. Among the advanced and specialized instruments in this center, we have an atomic force microscope (AFM), nanolithography platform (NLP2000), and a Fluorescence microscope (FM).

The Nano Center is multidisciplinary, and researchers and graduate students from the three departments do their research there. A key research focus of the center is the development and improvement of alternative and green energy via dip pen nanotechnology.


Contact Information:

Prof. Ariella Burg
Tel: 08-6475209
Mobile: 052-6433773

Dr. Moshe Zohar
Tel: 08-6475747

Dr. Yoav Yaakov Biton
Tel: 08-6475023