This department handles the planning and monitoring of the regular budget and special budgets (research, projects, development, etc.) of the college, with the goal of maintaining a balanced budget.

In the framework of these activities, the department is responsible for the following:

  • Preparing budgetary and financial analyses, feasibility analyses, pricing, etc.
  • Planning the regular budget, coordinating budgetary requests, processing them and allocating budgets to the units.
  • Financial reporting to internal entities, management, planning and budget committee at the committee for higher education and to additional external parties as needed.
  • Providing support, training and assistance to the various units at the college in order to help them meet their academic and economic goals in the framework of their planned budget.
  • Ongoing budgetary monitoring including monthly execution reports and monitoring of income from external funding parties.
  • Budget alterations and adjustments – transfers, increases, modification of yearly installments, etc.
  • Providing authorizations for users of the “Tafnit” system.
  • Establishing new units for “Tafnit”.
  • Managing research budgets with internal and external funding.