Head of Budgets Department
Ms. Iris Amos
Responsibilities: All of the activities conducted by the department and its staff members.
Tel: 08-6475693
Cell: 054-7787907
Email: [email protected]

Economist/Budget Allocator
Mr. Ilan Weiner
Responsibilities: Research budgets – assisting in the preparation of budgets for submitting research proposals to funds and financing entities, establishing and operating research budgets funded externally and internally in accordance with authorization notices and agreements, preparing financial reports for funds and research financing organizations.
Ongoing budgets – Associate for each of the engineering departments (software engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and management), other teaching units (mathematics, physics and English), research contracts, entrepreneurship and practical research, human resources, the advancement of teaching.
Tel: 08-6475697
Email: [email protected]

Economist/Budget Allocator
Mr. Boaz Dorfman
Responsibilities: Regular budget – associate for administrative units – operations, information systems, dean, career development, preparatory programs, libraries, public relations and communications, purchasing and agreements, security and safety, data canter and sales, academic manager, examinations unit, student dormitories.
Tel: 08-6475696
Email: [email protected]