From the Rector's Desk

SCE, Shamoon College of Engineering, is committed to nurturing the future generation of leading professionals in the fields of engineering and technology.   

As the largest engineering college in Israel, we are dedicated to training creative professionals that will provide an exceptional response to the increasing demand for human resources in the technological arena. These professionals will be equipped with an entrepreneurial outlook, backed by outstanding scientific and academic capabilities.

As part of our deep devotion to each of our graduates, and in light of the pressing needs of the State of Israel, we have developed unique educational programs that answer the needs of the market, while positioning the college as a significant source for industry relations.

Our success is apparent through the high rate – over 90% - of graduates who have already been integrated into the workplace, taking on roles that are worthy of their profession and their education.

SCE is committed to academic excellence and to innovation in education, research and development. The college operates cutting edge research centers, joining forces with the industry and the global scientific community. It encourages sophisticated research endeavors, offers academic and research scholarships, and allocates abundant resources towards the development and continuous enhancement of training facilities and laboratories.

We are proud of our diverse activities which we have developed for the benefit of society and its social needs. Our activities are wide-ranging and practical, and include promoting women in engineering, opening up a campus for the orthodox, and conducting projects for the advancement of immigrants, to name a few. All of these endeavors are geared towards the realization of our vision, which focuses on training excellent engineers, while helping make higher education more accessible within various communities, supporting equal employment opportunities and minimizing social gaps.

Respectfully, Professor Jehuda Haddad

Rector, SCE