The service charter conveys the aim of maintenance department employees to provide optimal service to service recipients, focused on addressing their needs and expectations and fully committed to satisfactory service. Department employees are committed to act professionally, efficiently and honestly and diligently according to the principles of this service charter.

Maintenance department safety employees are committed to providing quick, professional, attentive and courteous service in the areas under their responsibility: safety, hazardous materials and accessibility to the target audience – students, academic faculty, administrative faculty, contractors and guests – while continuously examining safety-related procedures, regulations and ordinances.

With respect to accessibility, the department is committed to ensuring that the campus is accessible to persons with a physical disability, for example: parking, elevators, toilets, passages, lawns.

Accessibility to services: reception desks, auditory amplification systems, tuners for the visually impaired.


The department complies with legal requirements.


The service charter is based on a vision of the service recipient at the center. Therefore, maintenance department employees act continuously to maintain the quality of service provided to all college units. Maintenance department employees commit to adhere to the values specified in the service charter, and to act to continuously improve customer service and satisfaction with respect to the service provided.

  • Professionalism – provide professional, credible, accessible and courteous service in an effort to meet the expectations of the service recipients to their satisfaction.
  • Reliability – provide the agreed service and do so consistently.
  • Credibility – provide professional, verifiable and reliable information to all service recipients.
  • Efficiency – make an ongoing effort to continuously improve our performance.
  • Availability – provide a response to customer service calls, while prioritizing work according to needs and within the shortest possible time.
  • Courteousness – attentiveness and patience to service recipient requests.
  • Understand the needs of service recipients – strive to provide comprehensive solutions to all service recipient needs.
  • Set expectations – coordinate expectations with service recipients regarding timetables and  work to be performed.
  • Execution – within a reasonable period of time in accordance with the required service.
  • Control – draw conclusions following every event. Indicate points to strengthen and improve in preparing for future events