The Center for Career Development

For over a decade, there have been changes within the employment market, in terms of the stability and mobility in the workplace, as well as in terms of the integration of advanced technologies. Nowadays, very few places of work can guarantee employment stability through to retirement.

As part of the college’s endeavors geared towards the wellbeing of students and graduates, since 2005 the Center for Career Development has been operating at SCE. The purpose of this center is to offer a response to the dynamics occurring within the employment market, and to prepare students and graduates to attain positions within the market that suit the skills and knowledge they have acquired as engineers. Students who are approaching the end of their studies are positioned at significant crossroads of their career. It is at this moment that questions arise regarding the type of work they should seek, and how to succeed in finding the desired job.   

The Center for Career Development Coordinator - Be'er Sheva
Ms. Zohar Zalik Kreitser
208 Safra(30)

The Center for Career Development Coordinator - Ashdod
Ms. Merav Sagiv Amitai
Bnei Brit / 138
Reception Hours
Sun-Wed 9:00-13:00