• Job Offer Database:
    Employment openings for students and graduates are published on the job management system.
  • Personal Guidance for CV Writing and Job Search:
    Approximately 30% of students and graduates that participated in workshops and/or personal guidance sessions found a more suitable job in less time than those who did not receive guidance. To view the career planning guide – click here.
  • Workshops:
    Career Development Workshop – Facilitated by professional career advisors. This workshop enables all participants to acquire the knowledge and practical tools that that will increase their chances for success, and will help them reach their suitable path with confidence.
    Applicable Social Media Workshop - Participants in this workshop will acquire practical tools for opening a branded profile, and conducting themselves within the LinkedIn environment.
  • Preparing for Group Dynamics at Evaluation Centers:
    Evaluation centers have become highly popular tools for employee and manager selection. This preparation improves your sense of confidence and will enable you to practice group dynamics exercises in order to successfully pass the evaluation process.
  • Employment Fairs:
    Each year SCE conducts two employment fairs, featuring various engineering companies who present their employment opportunities to students and graduates.
  • Employment for the Disabled and People with Special Needs:
    The Ministry of Economy and Industry operates a support center for employers, offering a range of services for employers who want to hire or promote disabled and people with special needs. This includes information, assistance and accompanying them throughout all employment stages.
  • A study program that combines experience in industry:
    This program combines an academic course with practical hands-on experience and provides a bridge between academia and industry. Students who participate in the program acquire practical and significant knowledge in preparation for their integration into the employment world.

    Employers who are interested in posting job openings may do so through the job management system.