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Digital Information Sources

Databases Covering All Fields of Science and Engineering
Springer Books & Journals
Elsevier Physical Science and Engineering Journals (Science Direct) 
Wiley Books and Journals 
Google Patents
Google Scholar
Google Books
Open University (Israel)
ISO Standards 
Schaum's Outline Series 

Databases Covering Selected Fields
CiteSeerX, Computer and Information Science
ArXiv Applied Mathematics
US Dept. of Energy
Education - Eric
Nuclear information IAEA-INIS
PubMed Central
NASA Technical Reports
Agriculture and Applied Economics

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineer's Handbook 
Materials Handbook 

Civil Engineering
Ministry of Construction and Housing (Israel)
Israel Building Standards - Hebrew (Guide) 
National Building Research Institute (The Technion) Research Reports - Hebrew
Dekel Construction Costs 
Construction Spec. - Hebrew
Sweets Construction
Israel Ministry of Transport
Policy on Geometric Design of Highways, Traffic and Safety (Israel) 
National Transportaion Lib. US
ASHRAE Standards (Read-Only)
National Fire Protection Association, Codes and Standards.  Requires registration. Free. (Read only).

Chemical Engineering
SciFinder - Chemical Abstracts (Registration) 
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology 
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 
NIST Chemistry

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
IEEE Database 
Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Artstor Image Search
Google images
World International Design Database

Library Catalog Book
Students Projects 
MIT OpenCourseWare
DSpace@MIT, MIT publications
Open Access Theses and Dissertations
Scientific American (latest years)
Old Library Book Catalog