About the Center

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) was established in the aim of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation education among SCE students. The Center provides students with the tools and experience needed to develop intra-organizational entrepreneurship and innovation in their future positions in the workplace and enables students to connect with industry and address its current needs.


EIC Programs

  • Engineer+ Program: “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” is an elective course for third and four year students in all SCE departments. Students acquire basic knowledge and tools in entrepreneurship and are exposed to guest lecturers from a wide range of fields and industries.
  • Innovation Engineers Program: A unique program that connects students with companies and organizations in the aim of exposing them to the needs and challenges of industry at a time of rapidly changing technologies.
  • Innovation Accelerator Program: A continuing program for graduates of the Innovation Engineers Program. Students develop the solution they proposed in response to an industry challenge as part of their final project. Faculty members, a representative from industry and business mentors accompany the students in contending with technological and business challenges and issues.