About the Center

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) was established with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation education amongst students, imparting the tools and experience necessary for developing organizational entrepreneurship and innovation in the workplace of the future, and creating a link between industry and its current needs. 

EIC Programs

  • Engineer+ Program: "Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship", an elective course for 3rd and 4th year students of all departments. In this program, students acquire knowledge and basic tools of entrepreneurship, and attend lectures given by guest lecturers from various fields and industries.  
  • Innovation Engineers Program: A unique program during which students meet with companies and organizations from within the market. The goal of this program is to connect students with the challenges and needs of industry, within the context of a reality characterized by rapidly changing technologies.   
  • Innovation Accelerators Program: A continuation program for graduates of the "Innovation Engineers" program, in which students develop the solution they have created to meet the challenges facing industry, as part of their final project. This program is conducted with the support of faculty members, an industry representative and business mentors, all of whom guide the students as they deal with technological and business challenges and issues.