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About the Center

The fourth industrial revolution, the data revolution, has positioned Israel as a significant process leader, influencing the career path of the engineers of the future. Innovation and entrepreneurship play a central role in the engineer’s work – whether it is in traditional industries that are facing rapid changes, or in top-tier technology that is growing to be highly substantial within the Israeli job market.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) was established with the goal of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation education amongst the college’s students, and to support technological initiatives, based on student initiatives and final projects. The center is an additional pillar of the Project Oriented approach to engineering training which sets the college apart. This approach includes practical experience and nurtures creativity and the implementation of theoretical subjects, through competitions and projects conducted during the degree studies. Today, half of the students at SCE are exposed to the center’s contents, either through elective courses or designated programs. The center has set a goal to reach all SCE students, and to be an integral part of the training of engineers in each of the departments.  


Main Objectives

Recognizing that the technology world surrounding us is rapidly changing, the center has set out to expose students to knowledge sources, and to provide them with tools that will enable them to access the world of technology on their own.
To offer students tools in the field of technological entrepreneurship and innovation that will help them compete successfully for job opportunities and to be innovative, creative and productive employees within an organization; to offer students the tools required to transform an idea into a start-up on their own.
To encourage entrepreneurship amongst students through practical experience and business consulting, as they develop and establish a start-up based on their own ideas or promising research projects. 


Modes of Action

The EIC operates through several channels in order to reach diverse audiences, including in-class teaching of elective courses for all 3rd and 4th year students; the Start-up SCE track and the SCE Hub incubator program; scheduling guest lectures by industry leaders and policy makers; making knowledge accessible through the distribution of articles and relevant news; sending emails to designated mailing lists; and publishing posts on the SCE Facebook page; as well as conducting visits to high-tech companies, start-ups, incubators and accelerators.