Energy and Numerical Simulations

Energy and Numerical Simulations

The Energy and Numerical Simulations Research Center engages in applied research (theoretical, numerical and experimental) on issues related to energy and to energy-related scientific knowledge fields.

On the backdrop of the growing need for energy sources, the Research Center aims to develop new technologies for more efficient use of existing energy sources, and for better utilization of alternative energy sources.

The Center’s activity focuses on research collaborations with leading academic institutions and industries in Israel and abroad, among them Princeton University in the U.S., the Technion in Israel, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in Germany and BUCHI in Switzerland. These collaborations combine varied mechanical engineering research fields: heat and mass transfer, multiphase flow, cooling and energy storage, cryogenic treatment, transfer phenomena and more.

The Center develops theoretical models on a cluster of computers dedicated to numerical simulations, and tested experimentally using the Center’s advanced equipment as well as experimental systems developed by the Center’s researchers.

The Center is currently conducting several major studies: production of submicron droplets and nano-particles using a new method developed at the Center, milling of particles and mixing of liquids, development of medical devices, a new method for freezing food, enhancement of heat transfer in cryogenic treatment, hot and cold energy storage and more.

The chief researchers at the Center are active in the research field – at international conferences, in registering patents, publishing articles and as advisors to advanced degree students.