Dr. Gedalya Mazor

Chief researcher

Dr. Gedalya Mazor developed, established and successfully heads the SCE Mechanical Engineering department  – in his role as both Dean and department head for more than a decade.

Alongside these activities, Dr. Mazor also serves in several key positions which help the College and promote technological education in Israel, the main one as the Head of the Graduate School.

Dr. Mazor’s scientific research fields focus on flow, numerical methods, heat transfer, and the study of physical phenomena related to the interaction of shock waves with various materials. He also established and leads the Energy and Numerical Simulations Research Center, serving as its head and its chief researcher

The Center Personnel

Dr. Efi Zemach

Chief researcher

Dr. Efi Zemach is an expert in the fields of flow mechanics, heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics.

His various studies were in the fields of turbulent flow and its characteristics, cooling of high heat flux, numerical simulations of complex flow and turbulent flow models. Dr. Zemach heads the Energy Systems Track in the Mechanical Engineering Department, and also heads the Energy and Numerical Simulations Research Center together with Dr. Mazor.

Dr. Zemach has filled several key R&D positions in industry in the past,  and currently heads the Technology Division at Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

The Center Personnel

Chief researchers

Dr. Itzhak Ladizhensky

Dr. Merav Arogeti

Dr. Alex Shapira


Ms. Natalia Dvoskin – Coordinator

Mr. Andrei Rabin – master’s student

Ms. Mor Lagziel – PhD student

Mr. Noam Sahar – master’s student

Mr. Jules Schvichedbrod – master’s student

Mr. Moshe Bracha – master’s student.

Research assistants

Dr. Saadya Sternberg (research fellow)

Mr. Mr. Nikolay Razoryonov – engineer