Alumni Association

An alumni association was established recently in the aim of encouraging you to take part in social initiatives and ideas, projects, conferences, fundraising and much more. Your personal and professional connections can significantly contribute to helping new graduates find their place in industry and strengthen the SCE’s standing as a leader in its field impacting Israel’s economy and society.

The Alumni Association conducts alumni evenings on the Ashdod and Be’er Sheva campuses, inviting alumni to meet, share and network, enjoy a performance and mainly experience the excitement. These get-together events are very important for the SCE’s development and are a significant growth milestone.

It is noteworthy that since its founding the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering has qualified more than 10,000 BA and MA graduates that comprise an integral part of the SCE and its future. More than 95% of our graduates are employed in their profession and education field, and more than 30% have pursued advanced degrees. SCE graduates, that currently make up about 15% of the total number of engineers working in high-tech fields in Israel, are the SCE’s main contribution to the growth of Israel’s economy and security.

SCE graduates, members of its Alumni Association, include entrepreneurs that founded their own companies, researchers that continued their studies in leading institutions in Israel and the world, and engineers in coveted positions and companies.

To contact the Alumni Association send an email to the Alumni Association Coordinator, Ms. Liron Ohayon, at