The goal of the self-evaluation process required by the National Council is to spur ongoing improvement in the quality of the academic institution and its learning programs.

Approximately once every eight years, various academic departments are asked to perform self-assessment processes.
This creates the obligation to meet national and international standards, enables the identification of the strengths and weaknesses in each department and promotes the planning of actions and activities that bolster those departments, by raising and supporting their academic standing.
This process causes the re-evaluation of course goals and contents, promotes updating of the subject-matter, and creates an ongoing, autonomous assessment and oversight system.

The CQA guides the entire process, helps the departments identify their strengths and weaknesses and write their reports for submission to the National Council and it maintains contact with the National Council and coordinates between the various departments and the Council.

The following departments have already undergone this process:
2006-2007 Electrical Engineering and Electronics (1st round)
2007-2008 Chemical Engineering
2009-2010 Construction Engineering
2012-2013 Programming Engineering
2015-2016 Electrical Engineering and Electronics (2nd round)
2016-2017 Mechanical Engineering
2016-2017 English Language Unit
2016-2017 Programming Engineering (for ultra-Orthodox women).