• Providing support to all end users (students and faculty), managing and analyzing user needs, selecting and installing suitable equipment and software, providing ongoing operational services and maintenance.
  • Maintaining information security at the college, while adhering to various aspects pertaining to privacy protection laws, in accordance with the information security policy.
  • Ensuring data accessibility throughout various critical systems, and preventing vulnerability to these systems which may lead to the disruption of their proper routine functioning.
  • Initiating innovative projects and implementing advanced technologies designed to improve the service and operation of the college's departments, including student-oriented services.
  • Stabilizing and establishing new systems that were developed, established or implemented at SCE during recent years.   
  • Ensuring ongoing computer system services for end users.
  • Monitoring satisfaction rates pertaining to the department's service through surveys.
  • Conducting preventive maintenance measures according to work plans, while focusing on student convenience.
  • Supplying technological systems that respond to user needs throughout the college's campuses.
  • Maintaining system longevity and technological "peace of mind".
  • Improving relations with various users, based on a client-centric culture.

In order to meet these numerous and wide-ranging objectives, the department's 19 team comprises a diverse array of technological experts and professionals, including application managers (in charge of the ERP systems, including academic systems such as Michlol and Model, financial and purchasing systems) as well as system experts, communication networks and information security experts.