Courses and Programs for Students

"Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship" Course

This course focuses on understanding the principles and basic terminology of entrepreneurship and internal organizational entrepreneurship, incorporating theoretical, research and practical aspects, while addressing entrepreneurial examples from the Israeli and global arenas. This is an elective course intended for all of the college's 3rd and 4th year students. The course is 4 weekly hours, and includes frontal lectures as well as lectures by guest lecturers from diverse disciplines.      


ChallengeTech Stage 1: "Innovation Engineers for Companies and Organizations" Course

A semester program that aims to create a link between the real needs and challenges of the industry - and the minds of engineering students. In the framework of this program, students will meet with companies from within the industry, be exposed to its challenges, acquire tools and apply them when finding solution for the companies. This course will enable participating students to gain professional experience and offer them an opportunity to develop an applied product. In additional, this course will provide students with an advantage within the workplace, which is interested in recruiting employees that have a capacity to identify needs and provide innovative solutions. Upon completion of the program, each student will receive a certification of the ChallengeTech track. This is an elective course, intended for 3rd year Mechanical Engineering students (Ashdod Campus), and for 3rd year Software Engineering students (Be'er Sheva Campus).  The course is 3 weekly hours plus individual meetings between the students and lecturer.         


ChallengeTech Stage 2: The Accelerator

Graduates of the ChallengeTech Stage 1 track will be entitled to continue the applied product development track in collaboration with an industry company, as part of their final project. In this program, the student will be accompanied throughout the product development process by a faculty member and representative from the company.


"Entrepreneurship in Electrical Engineering and Electronics" Course: Graduate Studies Program

In order to fulfill the requirements arising from the rapidly developing graduate studies programs at SCE in various fields, the EIC offers a designated entrepreneurial program for graduate students, integrating an interdisciplinary approach. This course is intended for graduate students in Electrical Engineering.