Courses and Programs for Students

 “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” Course

The course focuses on understanding the principles and basic concepts of entrepreneurship and intra-organizational entrepreneurship, combines theoretical, research and practical aspects and examines examples of Israeli and global entrepreneurship endeavors.

This is an elective course and is intended for all third and fourth year SCE students.

A 4-hour weekly course with lectures delivered by SCE faculty as well as guest lectures by experts from different fields.


ChallengeTech Stage A: “Innovation Engineers for Companies and Organizations” Course

This semester program aims to connect the real needs and challenges of industry with the abilities and talents of engineering students. As part of the program students will meet with companies in industry, learn about their challenges, acquire tools and apply them to finding appropriate solutions.

The course will enable participating students to gain employment experience and will provide an opportunity to develop a viable product.

The course also offers participating students an advantage in the employment market, which seeks to recruit workers that are able to identify needs and find innovative solutions.

After completing the program students will receive a certificate indicating they are graduates of the ChallengeTech track.

This is an elective course for third year Mechanical Engineering students (Ashdod Campus) and third year Software Engineering students (Beer Sheva Campus).

A 3-hour weekly course + the lecturer will meet with students on an individual basis.


ChallengeTech Stage B: The Accelerator

Graduates of the ChallengeTech Stage A program may continue in this track and develop a viable product in cooperation with a company from industry as part of their final project. In developing the product the students will be accompanied by an SCE faculty member and a representative of the company.


“Entrepreneurship in Electrical and Electronics Engineering” Course – A program designed for MSc students

Following needs stemming from the rapid growth of MSc programs offered by the SCE in a variety of tracks, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) designed an entrepreneurship program with an inter-disciplinary perspective for MSc students.

The course is offered to students studying toward an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering.