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Courses and Programs for Students

Elective Courses

The elective courses are intended for all SCE students, and are especially recommended for 3rd and 4th year students. The previous electives (“Introduction to Management in the High-tech Environment” and “Business Entrepreneurship”) have been substituted with a new course – “Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship”. To view the course syllabus (Hebrew), click here. The new course was created with the intention of training future engineers to easily adapt to the rapidly changing technological world, enabling them to remain constantly updated regarding newly defined realities. The course has two main objectives: presenting the current technological environment and familiarizing students with the various stages of the internal and external organizational entrepreneurship process.   


Designated Program for Graduate Studies*

In order to meet the requirements arising due to the rapid development of its various graduate programs, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is working on a designated graduate program for entrepreneurship, based on an interdisciplinary approach. This course is currently taught to graduate students in electrical engineering, and as of the 2018 academic year, the course will be accessible to all SCE graduate students.


 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Structural Engineering*

The field of structural engineering is expected to undergo substantial changes in the coming decades due to the lack of innovation characterizing this segment, which is known for its conservative nature. As such, we recognize the importance of integrating entrepreneurial studies into structural engineer studies, and exposing students to the dynamics that are anticipated in this field. In light of these expected changes, a designated course is being defined for the Structural Engineering Department, which includes excursions and visits to relevant innovation centers, guest lectures, and the encouragement of entrepreneurship in this field. This program will be made possible through collaborations with leading companies and innovation centers.     


Knowledge Accessibility*

In light of the rapid changes in the world of technology, it is up to the engineers themselves to continuously learn and deepen their knowledge in order to remain relevant, and to follow various technological and economic sources (newspapers, websites) that will ensure that they are constantly updated on new developments. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is creating a program that will make knowledge accessible through the publication of articles and relevant news bulletins. This will be conducted by sending emails to designated mailing lists and posts on the SCE Facebook page, with the goal of making sure that students remain updated during their studies, while providing them with the tools that will serve them throughout their professional future. 


*Programs/Tracks that are currently being developed, and are planned to start during the 2018 or 2019 academic year