The faculty members at the Department for chemical Engineering are actively engaged in research in many diverse fields, including: chemistry, biology, engineering, biotechnology and more.

The following are researches conducted at the department:

Research on green engineering, green chemistry and clean technologies, with an emphasis on developing efficient and selective processes, incorporating cleaner materials, biological and chemical catalysts, while applying suitable separation and resumption methods and treating the resulting wastes.

  • Research on services and sustainability sciences
  • Research on the damage caused by oxidation and anti-oxidants in biological fluids and nutrition. It deals mainly with milk substitutes for newborn babies from various sources, both plant and dairy based. This research is conducted in collaboration with Soroka Medical Center.
  • Research on the catalytic and electro catalytic activity in the sol gel matrix. For this purpose, various active ingredients are confined, such as yeast, nickel complexes and copper complexes in the sol gel matrix and/or the sol gel electrodes.
  • Research that investigates the methathesis of Alkenes.
  • Research focused on the structural characterization (composition, sequence and anomerization) of N-Glycans linked to proteins in red algae, and understanding the glycosylation processes in algae.
  • Research on tissue engineering for increasing growth and maturing of primordial ovarian follicles. This research is conducted in collaboration with "The Stem Cell and Fertility Laboratory" at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.
  • Research focusing of the construction and analysis of microorganisms' genomes (microscopic creatures)
  • Research that deals with the development of complex bio-materials, whose attributes can be molecularly controlled, enabling them to replace the artificial materials available in the industry today. It focuses on the development and analysis of materials based on the protein of spider-silk for creating fibers, sheets and sponges.