• The SCE trains employees to provide accessible service: training is conducted to acquaint employees with the accessibility field, to raise awareness among employees and to provide practical tools for providing accessible service.  
  • Accessible information call center: the telephone service was made accessible so that information is transmitted clearly, without background music. The Information Center can be reached at 1-800-207-777, Monday-Thursday, 08:00-20:00, and Friday, 08:00-12:00.  
  • Additional contact options are available as follows:

In-person service at the Information Center: office hours - Monday-Thursday, 08:00-20:00, and Friday, 08:00-12:00.

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 08-6475695

Through “Contact” on the website: https://en.sce.ac.il/contact-us

By mail: 56 Bialik Street, PO Box 950, Be’er Sheva 8410802

Inquiries and requests for improved accessibility

  • We continue our efforts to improve SCE accessibility as part of our commitment to enable the entire population, including persons with a disability, to receive the most accessible services.
  • If you encounter an accessibility problem or a malfunction please update us so that we can make every effort to find a suitable solution for your problem and address the malfunction as quickly as possible.

Contact details - Sami Shamoon College of Engineering Accessibility Coordinator