Tuition procedures

The tuition for studies at SCE is identical to that of Israeli universities. SCE is a public college that is budgeted by the Council for Higher Education, and the tuition rates are determined according to the recommendations by the public committee for tuition rates (Meltz Committee).

The Reducing the Use of Cash Law: the Reducing the Use of Cash Law, 5778–2018 entered into effect on January 1, 2019. According to the law, a limit is imposed on the use of cash in transactions in the amount of NIS 11,000 (the transaction price). In transactions with a price that exceeds NIS 11,000, up to 10% of the transaction price can be paid in cash, but no more than NIS 11,000. In academic institutions the transaction price is the annual tuition. Should the annual tuition exceed NIS 11,000, then according to the provisions of the law a maximum of 10% of the annual tuition price can be paid in cash.