Graduate Degree in Software Engineering

The graduate degree in software engineering provides advanced scientific and research oriented knowledge, as well as the tools required for solving engineering problems. The study program is wide ranging, and integrates engineering and technological process development and their implementation in various organizations, that consider the development and use of software as a significant strategic tool. The program will expand students' knowledge base regarding software engineering, information systems and communications, computer architecture, operating systems, paradigms and methodologies for software lifecycles.


The key objectives of the program:

  • Deepening knowledge and expanding various aspects of software engineering
  • Imparting specialization capabilities for assuming extended responsibilities within the organizational software division   
  • Preparing students for future software engineering challenges


Please note:

  • The duration of studies is two years
  • Upon completion of studies, graduates will receive an M.Sc. in Software Engineering
  • Students with an undergraduate degree in another engineering field who are interested in studying in this department will be required to complete supplementary courses, as determined by the Graduate School teaching committee
  • Studies are conducted at both campuses, in Be'er Sheva and Ashdod


For more information, please visit the Software Engineering Department page.