The objective of the English department studies is to train graduates to successfully compete within the engineering industries in the age of globalization. Throughout the courses, students acquire the tools and knowledge required to read, comprehend and analyze scientific and technological texts. Students must complete their English requirements during the first two years of their academic studies.

Department Requirements

Any student that has not met the requirements for exemption from English studies will be placed in one of the following study levels: Pre-Basic A, Pre-Basic B, Basic, Advanced A, Advanced B, and will progress from level to level until completing the Advanced B level, which is equivalent to 2 credit points.

Study group classification will be conducted according to one of the following options:

Internal classification test (In the framework of the "Amiram" test), before the SCE academic year begins.  Any student that would like to improve his or her grade may take the test again one month after the previous test date.
Psychometry test or "Amir" test (results must be submitted to the English department, along with the student's request).
Studies at an academic institution that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The student must present a valid approval of his/her studies. Students will not be exempt based on their English Bagrut grade.

Level Division and Passing Grades

Psychometry 134+     Amir 234+        Exemption

Psychometry 122-133     Amir 220-233        Advanced A 56 2 credits

Psychometry 100-119     Amir 200-219        Advanced B 65

Psychometry 85-99     Amir 185-199        Basic 65

Psychometry 70-84     Amir 170-184        Pre-basic 65, students who pass will be transferred to Basic level

Psychometry 50-69     Amir 150-169        Pre-basic 65, students who pass will be transferred to Basic level


Degree credits will be granted for those who have successfully completed the Advanced B course only. The final grade received in this course will be the sole grade weighed in the degree average score.

Exemption from English Studies

Any student that has achieved the level of English required by SCE prior to his or her studies will be eligible to receive an exempt from English language studies by the English department. The word "exempt" will appear in the grade sheet instead of a grade.

The following are the terms for exemption:

The student presents documented proof that he or she has completed the level required for receiving a degree at an academic institution that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education.
The student's grade in the Psychometry/"Amiram" test is at least 134 and 234 in the "Amir" test.

Online English Courses

The Council for Higher Education has decided to develop online academic courses for English studies of all levels, starting with the Pre-Basic A level, and through to the Advanced A level. Students will be allowed to take these online courses and take the final exams at the college.

Registration for Level Courses in English

During the registration process (consultation), students will be able to choose between a frontal English level course studied at the college and an online English level course. Tuition will not be collected for online courses (payment will be collected only for the test).

Students who have not successfully completed the Basic English level until the end of the first year of their undergraduate studies will be required to take frontal courses at the college during their second year of studies. Students that have failed an online course once will be required to take a frontal course.