The Academic Preparatory Program at SCE, Shamoon College of Engineering, has been designed for people who are interested in studying at the college, but do not hold a high school diploma (Israeli Bagrut). It is also for whose final high school grades are not enough for the defined requirements, and want to improve them in order to increase their chances of getting accepted to SCE.

Program Objectives     

To prepare applicants for academic studies, through the development of thinking skills, learning methods, establishing and expanding knowledge.
To increase students' chances of being accepted to study at the college based on their academic achievements in the program.

 Study tracks

Engineering-oriented tracks: Semestrial and annual preparatory programs – preparing students for academic studies in the engineering departments.

Financing Options

Students in this program are eligible for tuition scholarships and assistance from the Fund for Discharged Soldiers and the Ministry of Education, according to the criteria defined by governmental entities.


*Subject to the requirement of the Council for Higher Education and in accordance with the reform regarding mutual recognition of pre-academic preparatory programs, the College declares that studies in the pre-academic preparatory program (mechina) are according to the syllabus of the “Natural Sciences and Engineering” track (syllabus num. 3 in mathematics courses).