Students in the Communication Systems and Cyber track can begin their final project in their third year of studies (only in unique projects according to a list to be published).

The final project will only be submitted at the end of the fourth year of studies.

The unique projects in this track can be conducted in the department or in a collaborative framework with external entities.

A limited and basic list of optional projects will be published on this page. Additional projects will be published every year based on specific collaborations with external entities for that year.


List of projects currently open to students:

  • Drone navigation: an applied project in cooperation with Ariel University. Suitable for students with a high motivation for self-learning.
  • How is a social network built? How does our social network develop? What determines who will be your friends in a social network? The project will examine different network development models.
  • Page cache attacks: in cooperation with researchers from Boston University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The mechanism for attacking an OS page cache.
  • Processing data from medical sensors: an applied project in cooperation with Assuta Hospital to develop applications for data collection from sensors during home hospitalization.