Graduate Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The graduate degree in electrical and electronics engineering specializing in power systems and energy will enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge required for successful integration into the developing electricity market.

During their studies, students will conduct research in the areas of monitoring, energy conversion, supply electronics and more. These topics will expand their horizons and enable them to participate in the scientific development of their professional field.  Graduates of this program are designated to lead future research and development endeavors within the Israeli energy sector.   


The key objectives of the program:

  • Preparing and training students to meet the challenges of the current energy sector revolution
  • Imparting knowledge in a wide range of subjects that are vital for the management of multi-disciplinary projects
  • Conducting research-oriented final projects that will contribute to the solution of new challenges arising in the developing energy sector


Terms of Admission to the Program:

  • Undergraduate degree grade average of at least 80
  • Candidates with relevant industry/managerial experience and an average grade of at least 75 in their undergraduate degree may submit their application to the Graduate School teaching committee. This committee may determine that the candidate must attend supplementary courses, along with additional conditions.
  • Candidates that do not come from an electrical and electronics engineering background will be required to take supplementary courses, in accordance with the Graduate School teaching committee.
  • Candidates must attach two recommendation letters from the academic institution they attended or from their workplace to their application.


Course of Studies:

  • Programs will be suited for working students as much as possible
  • The duration of studies is two years
  • SCE is not obligated to conduct evening studies for supplementary courses for those who require them


Please note:

  • This program is conducted at the Be'er Sheva campus
  • All courses will be transmitted in synchronicity between both campuses


For additional information, please view the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering page.