Student Support Center

The Student Dean, in collaboration with the National Insurance Institute of Israel, has established a support center for students at the Ashdod campus, as part of the "Higher Education Revolution" project. A similar center is currently being built at the Be'er Sheva campus. This center offers students a wide range of academic and personal support services in order to enable them to realize the full extent of their individual potential.

The following services are provided at the center:

Individual Counseling:

Personal counseling sessions with the educational counselor conducted at the center, as well as ongoing accompanying services based on the student's individual needs.

Testing Method Adjustments:

Students that are dealing with learning difficulties and/or medical issues and/or other challenges may apply for personal adjustments pertaining to their testing methods throughout their degree studies.  These students must submit a valid diagnosis and/or document from relevant experts. They are invited to schedule a meeting with the educational counselor at the support center for an initial assessment of their issue, and receive additional guidance regarding the following process and diagnosis. A special committee will convene to evaluate the requests and determine eligibility.


Workshops on various topics are held throughout the academic year, according to the needs of students. An example for such workshops include, amongst other: improving learning skills, dealing with text anxiety, time management, etc.

Supportive Technology:

A computer lab was established at the Ashdod campus, and it includes a technological learning center with various special technological and software aids for students to use. Students can also borrow assistance equipment to be used as a FM system. A similar technology-based learning center will be acquired for the Be'er Sheva campus as well.


Learning Assistance:

Students who are facing learning challenges may request a personal tutor and/or assistance lessons and/or extra group hours for various courses. This service is available for welfare package purchasers. For additional information, click here.

Psychological Services:

Students who are facing emotional challenges are welcome to receive psychological support from the Student Dean's office. This service offers various treatments, including: personal therapy sessions, short-term consultation, crisis management, test anxiety therapy, etc. These treatments are provided by expert professionals who work alongside the Student Dean's staff.

Assistance for Students with Special Needs:

Students who are dealing with physical-motor / sensory / mental health issues during their studies may request assistance from the Student Dean. The purpose of this support is to ensure that the college services are fully accessible to all students. The support measures are determined according to each student's individual needs.

Assistance for Pregnant Students:

Pregnant students are eligible for special adjustments during their pregnancy. These adjustments are provided in accordance with the guidelines of the Council for Higher Education.

Career Development Center:

The Career Development Center was established with the goal of helping SCE students and graduates improve their job searching skills and their exposure to the job market and potential employers.  For additional information, click here.

To contact the Be'er Sheva campus center:

Ms. Yael Barak, Educational Counselor and Support Center Coordinator

Tel: 08-6475677


To contact the Ashdod campus center:

Ms. Lilach Madar, Educational Counselor and Support Center Coordinator

Tel: 08-8519378