Tuition Fund Loans

The tuition fund enables funding for convenient payment of student tuition. This fund offers many various payment arrangements ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 NIS, in a convenient payment plan, free of interest or linkage, subject to the approval of the student dean.  Students are also offered the option of returning their loan starting from one year after they complete their degree. All funding arrangements are conducted through the lending bank. There is no need for guarantors or transferring bank accounts. Payments are conducted through a direct standing order. Funding arrangements are subject to the regulations stated on the site. To register, visit

For additional information, please contact the tuition office at: 03-9635856 or by email:

Fundraising Loans

These loans assist students in their tuition payments and/or living expenses, and is intended for students who have completed their military service in the IDF or National Service.

The sum of this loan is up to $2,500 in its equivalent value in NIS, and does not require linkage, interest or guarantors. The loan is returned in 12 equal payments, starting one year after degree eligibility (or immediately upon termination of studies).

IFLA LoansThe Israel Free Loan Association offers student loans in a range of tracks, and with no interest. Additional details can be found on the IFLA website. For more information, please visit the site, or contact them by telephone at 02-5300777 or by email: 

Ashdod Municipality Student Loans for Academic Studies

The Ashdod Municipality offers its funding assistance for academic studies through an interest-free, guarantor-free loan. The sum of these loans reaches up to 10,000 NIS. Interest payments during the student's studies will be taken care of by the municipality. These loans will be paid back upon completion of studies, and can be spread out for six years, with highly attractive terms. For more information, please contact the Kivunim center by telephone at 08-8604028 or by email:, or visit their website.

Postponing / Payments Plan for Tuition

SCE offers the option for students who are facing financial difficulties to postpone or spread out their tuition payments through a payments plan. Eligibility is determined according to the student's socio-economic situation. Request forms are available at the Dean's office, no later than the 5th day of the month in which tuition payments are due. Following the approval of their request, students must provide checks or conduct credit card payments for the defined sums. After doing so, payments will not be collected through standing orders.