Social Involvement

ISEF Foundation, in Collaboration with SCE

ISEF, the international education foundation, is a Zionist social organization that aims to promote equal opportunities in education and minimize gaps throughout Israeli society. This program is intended for 1st and 2nd year students, who are geared towards social-academic excellence, yet face financial challenges.

The sum of the ISEF scholarship for undergraduate studies is 20,000 NIS per year, for the duration of the degree studies, and in collaboration with SCE and additional entities.

Admittance to the program for the upcoming academic year will be conducted in May. For additional information, please contact the ISEF program manager at SCE, or visit:

Choosing Tomorrow Program (Jewish Agency)

The "Choosing Tomorrow" ("Boharim Mahar") program, developed by the Jewish Agency, focuses its efforts on keeping students in the Negev. The premise for this program is that significant endeavors that forge a strong connection with the community and its strengths, along with a solid work environment, network and community, will help to keep young people in a certain region. These young people essentially create an active and socially responsible community that reinforces the environment in which they live and work.

Throughout their participation in the program, students create, initiate and acquire professional tools for social entrepreneurship, and establish a thriving young community.

The sum of the scholarship is 10,000 NIS for a period of two years, during the 2nd and 3rd years of their studies. Students participating in this program are required to attend weekly meetings and take part in extensive social activities.

For more information, please visit

Ofanim Program in Collaboration with SCE

This NGO works to promote science and make it more accessible to children and youth coming from a lower socio-economic background, and who reside in distant peripheral areas in the southern region of Israel. This effort is conducted through the employment of mobile laboratories on wheels, reaching these young people by buses.

This program targets students that have at least two more years to their studies, and who have experience working with children.

Scholarship Sum: 18,000 NIS for each academic year (up to 4 years). Students participating in this program are required to participate in training sessions and team meetings, and to conduct weekly activities.

For more information, please visit


"Nehishut" ("Determination") Program

SCE operates the "Nehishut" program, in collaboration with the "Perach" mentorship program. This program is intended for 2nd – 4th year students with a high grade average, who are interested in mentoring a 1st year student, through personal meetings that include academic assistance and acquaintance with academia. The activity is conducted twice a week, for a total of four weekly hours. Mentors are granted a 6,000 Nis scholarship. Registration for this scholarship is done through the Dean's Office.

Perach Program

Perach is a mentorship project that involves thousands of students who mentor youth in need of schooling assistance and emotional support. The activity is conducted twice a week, for a total of four weekly hours. The sum of this scholarship is 5,200 NIS. Registration is conducted on the Perach website only:

Gruss Fund Mentorship Program

The scholarships are intended for students, as of their 2nd year and onwards. Candidates must have served in the IDF/National Service (up to five years since their discharge from compulsory service).

The maximum sum of assistance is 5,500 NIS.

For additional information, please visit

Joint Scholarships Project Sponsored by Ashdod / Ashkelon / Ramla Municipalities

These scholarships are intended for students that are residents of Ashdod / Ashkelon / Ramle. Eligible candidates will be required to contribute time towards service for their community. For more information, contact the Student Dean.

"Young Business Leadership" Program

Students participating in this program guide groups of youth at risk in exchange for a 10,000 NIS scholarship. Project coordinators may be eligible for an increased scholarship. Additional information is available at the Student Dean's office and online at:

"Hesegim" ("Achievements") Program

This program aims to make higher education more accessible to residents of the periphery. Every year, this program helps new students join the academic world and pre-academic preparatory programs. Students participating in this program are active in their place of residence throughout the southern region, guiding and recruiting candidates for higher education institutions, placing special focus on SCE. These efforts are rewarded with a scholarship of 5,000 NIS.

For additional information, visit the website: 

Ayalim Association Scholarships

The goal of the Ayalim association is to reinforce settlement and social involvement throughout the Negev and Galilee regions. The implementation of this idea is conducted through the establishment of villages for students and entrepreneurs, which serve as a base for social involvement and long term residence. Students will receive a scholarship for their studies in exchange for 50 hours of work per year.

For additional information, please visit:

"Atid Naor" (Enlightened Future) Project

"Atid Naor" is a social and employment project of the Israeli Electric Company (IEC), created with the goal of supporting students from the periphery and from Ethiopian communities, as part of society's affirmative action endeavors. This program includes the accompanying of students throughout their studies, creating a mutual responsibility between students and the IEC regarding future employment. This project targets students from the electronics and electrical engineering, mechanical, civil and software engineering departments. Additional information is available at the Center for Career Development of the Student Dean's office and on the website of the IEC.

"The Outstanding for the Industry" Project

This project is operated by SCE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Students participating in this project are outstanding 4th year students (with a grade average of at least 80), that will carry out a final project at an industrial factory / company located in a nationally prioritized region. These students may submit a request for a scholarship of 25,000 NIS, subject to the program's criteria. The goals of this program are to strengthen the relations between academia and the industry, and to increase the economic activities in prioritized regions in the needed technological professions. Additional information is available at the Center for Career Development of the Student Dean's office and at the SCE Research and Development Authority.

"Students Building a Future" Scholarships

This scholarship program, by the Ministry of the Development of the Negev and Galilee and the Negev Development Authority, was founded with the goal of encouraging students and graduates of higher education institutions in the Negev to establish their home in the Negev.

The program aims to provide an employment future for students nearing the completion of their studies, enabling them to stay in the Negev after completing their studies. Students that are accepted to this program and who have been successfully integrated in the workplace, will receive a scholarship of 24,000 NIS divided into three parts. They will be required to participate in a community program in return. Additional information is available at the Center for Career Development of the Student Dean's office and on the Negev Development Authority website.