Study Support

Study support activities were designed with the intention of supporting students throughout their studies, and enabling them to maximize their inherent academic potential. The support provided is tailored to each student through personal conversations which include pinpointing the challenges and hurdles that may serve as barriers for their academic success.

Determination Project:

The goal of this project is to help minimize the student dropout rates during their first year of studies, and to offer new students a good framework for academic integration. Students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of studies, who have a high grade point average, conduct meetings with the new 1st year students, and serve as personal mentors who help them with their studies while familiarizing them with the academic environment. This project has been highly successful at SCE and is conducted free of charge.

Extra Study Hours:

These extra hours are taught by students with high grades, and conducted in courses that were approved by the Dean / Head of Department.

Individual Extra Study Hours:

Personal, one-on-one extra study hours provided to students that are unable to meet the rate of study requirements for various reasons. This support is provided thanks to outstanding students that work as private tutors. Individual extra study hours are provided for a fee in accordance with the welfare package and the student's academic needs.

Group Extra Study Hours:

Any group of students that is having difficulties in a particular course can contact the Student Dean's office, which can open an extra-hours study group that accompanies them throughout the semester.

For more information, please contact the Student Dean's counselor:

Be'er Sheva Campus

Ms. Haya Kadosh, Educational Counselor

Tel: 08-6475797


Ashdod Campus

Mr. David Avraham, Student Guidance Counselor

Tel: 08-8519070