Head of Purchasing and Agreements Unit
Mr. Gerard Amor
Responsibilities: Examining and approving purchasing orders according to purchasing and agreements policy hierarchy. Examining requests above 100,000 NIS submitted to tender committees in accordance with higher education inputs and transferring them to the committee. Conducting negotiations with suppliers. Implementing the decisions of the tender committee. Reporting to the tender committee and exemption committee.
Tel: 08-6475681
Fax: 08-6475845
Email: gerard@sce.ac.il

Purchasing Coordinator
Ms. Hila Folkman
Responsibilities: Establishing new suppliers and new items, approving supplier invoices for payment, assisting in construction orders, conducting verifications with suppliers and initiators.
Tel: 08-6475737
Fax: 08-6475845
Email: hillaf@sce.ac.il

Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Department
Ms. Anat Missolovin
Responsibilities: Follow-up on orders and invoices, monitoring tri-monthly orders status, updating the agreement management system.
Tel: 08-6475894
Fax: 08-6475845
Email: anatm@sce.ac.il

*All department staff members offer their response on any matter via telephone or email during office hours.