Arc. Dr. Batel Yossef Ravid

Arc. Dr. Batel Yossef Ravid

Dr. Batel Yossef Ravid is an architect and urban researcher deeply specialized in digital urbanism and its impact on urban environments. Her work leads the integration of digital tools into urban governance, promoting data-driven decision-making for collaborative urban management

Holding a PhD from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Dr. Yossef Ravid's groundbreaking thesis, "The Smart Agora: Designing a New Space for Civic Co-production in the Smart City Era," establishes new standards for civic engagement in modern urban settings. Her academic excellence has been recognized with several prestigious awards

Dr. Yossef Ravid brings a rich teaching background from leading institutions, including the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Technion. Currently, at the SCE - Shamoon College of Engineering, she leads the urban design field, emphasizing digital transformation. Her educational journey also encompasses a Master of Research in Interdisciplinary Critical Studies of Spatial Design from the Royal College of Art, London, and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem


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2019-2023- Ph.D., Architecture and Town Planning, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology
2017-2018- M.Res, Master of Research in Interdisciplinary Critical studies of spatial design, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2008-2013- B.Arch, Bachelor of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem


Digital Urbanism and Smart Cities: Urban Digital Twins: Developing virtual models for urban planning and management; Smart City Strategies: Leveraging digital technologies for urban efficiency and sustainability; Digital Urbanism: Exploring the integration of digital technology into urban environments.

Urban Design: Urban Design and Planning: Crafting sustainable and liveable urban spaces; Participatory Planning: Engaging communities in the urban planning process; Social Planning and GIS: Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for social impact in urban development.

Data-Driven Urban Management: Urban Data-Driven Decision-Making: Enhancing co-government through data analytics; City Science and Complexity: Investigating the dynamics and complexity of urban systems.


Architecture Studio Course - Urban Design in an Era of Digital Transformation: A studio course that explores urban design challenges and opportunities in the digital age.
Technology Course - The Digital Tools of City Science: A collaborative course with the Negev Urban Research (NUR) Lab of MIT, focusing on the digital tools shaping city science.


2023, Yossef Ravid, B (Technion Faculty of Architecture), Aharon-Gutman, M (Technion Faculty of Architecture), Avrahami, A (Technion Faculty of Data Science),“Data-Driven Interactive Simulation Tool: Enabling Policy and Design of Sustainable Aging Urbanism”.
Funder: Technion Artificial Intelligence Hub- Faculty of Data Science.  40,00 NIS
2022, Yossef Ravid, B (Technion Faculty of Architecture), Aharon-Gutman, M (Technion Faculty of Architecture), “Social digital twin as a platform for data-driven policy simulation - a view from the (urban) south”.
Funder: Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space. 499,999 NIS


2022, (Accepted), Yossef Ravid, B. Aharon Gutman, M. “The Social Digital Twin: The Social Turn in the Field of Smart Cities”, Journal: Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, Volume 50 Issue 6, July 2023, pp. 1455–1470
2023, (Accepted), Weiner, R. Melilo R, Filipe. Yossef-Ravid, B. Aharon-Gutman, M. Noennig, J .“Place-bound planning support systems for deliberation: Affording better communication and comprehension”. Journal: Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, published online November 30, 2023
2023, Yossef Ravid B, "Smart neighborhood? Decentralizing the Smart City Paradigm by shifting power from the city to the local neighborhood”, proceedings of conferences- International Conference on Urbanism and Urbanization, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem.