Dr. Mariana Belferman

Dr. Mariana Belferman

Dr. Mariana Belferman, currently a faculty member at Physics Department of Shamoon Academic College of Engineering, Ashdod, Israel. The main research interests include physical and mathematical Modeling in the field of earthquake simulation. Influence of external processes (e.g., structural, geological, hydrological and limnological...) on the crustal stress change and seismic hazard


Physics department
Senior lecturer


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Ph.D. in Geophysics. The Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences, Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa, Mt. Carmel, Haifa, Israel.  Dissertation title: Influence of surface water level changes on earthquakes occurrence: the Dead Sea during the last two millennia as a case study. Advisers: Dr. Katsman R., Prof. Agnon A., Prof. Ben-Avraham Z.

M.Sc. in Geophysics. Department of geophysics and planetary sciences Tel Aviv University, Israel.  Dissertation title: Coulomb failure stress change in Heterogeneous crust; case study for the 7.2 Mw Nuweiba earthquake.  Advisers: Prof. Ben-Avraham Z., Dr. Lykhovsky V.

B.Sc. in Geophysics and Mathematics.  Department of geophysics and planetary sciences Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Numerical and analytical Modeling
Rock and soil mechanics
Fracture mechanics and Rock physics
Geophysics including induced seismicity problems


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Agnon, A. (2018). Effect of large-scale surface water level fluctuations on earthquake recurrence interval under strike-slip faulting. Tectonophysics, 744, 390-402.

Belferman M., Agnon A., Katsman, R., & Ben-Avraham Z., (2022). Identifying plausible historical scenarios for coupled lake level and seismicity rate changes: The case for the Dead Sea during the last two millennia. Submitted after minor revision. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 22(8), 2553-2565.