Dr. Shabtay Bilu

Dr. Shabtay Bilu

Doctor Shayke Bilu is an Outstanding lecturer. He worked as head of student administration and academic staff as well as a lecturer in the Teachers Technology Collage 1989-2007. His lecturing subjects: C, Python-3.6, Matlab, OpenGL-4.1 and LINUX. Served as the deputy head of the computerized personnel standards division at the Israeli Air Force Headquarters as a Major. Has an extensive experience as a lecturer in the fields of computer science, information technology, operating systems and computer graphics. Initiated computerized plans for management of databases projects in regional councils and educational systems. Adviser to academic and educational and administrative institutes. Has Teaching certificate of senior teacher in computer science, BA in Psychology, MA in Educational Information Systems Management, and PhD in Educational Information Systems Management. He has been a volunteer in the field of education since 1994 and serves as education committee chairman in the regional council in which he lives


Mechanical engineering


266 Bnai Brith


2010-2015              Ph.D.   in Management in Education. Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, U.K.                            Dissertation title: “Stakeholders’ perceptions of appropriate management                                         methods: The case of A. youth-village undergoing change “

                              Advisers: Dr Simon Pratt-Adams, Dr Jaki Lilly and Prof Gary Peckham.

1998-1999              M.Ed.  in Management in Education. Derby University, Derby, U.K.

                              Dissertation title: “The perception of the employees involved in technological

                              and educational  organization concerning the appropriate management

                              method for the organization“.

                              Advisers: Dr Ohela Avinir, Dr Hanna Bar Yishay.  

1997-1998             B.A.   in Psychology & Education. Burlington College, Vermont, USA.

                              Dissertation title: “Review and comparison of therapeutic approaches:

                              Psychoanalytic, Behavioural, Cognitive and Biomedical relation to the

                              treatment of phobias".

                              Advisers: Prof Gabriel Kovac, Dr Merav Hermesh and Mr Yair Vana.  

1986-1991             Senior Teaching Diploma (Number 334) in Computer Science and Data

                              Technology. Teachers College of Technology, Israel.

                              Permanent Teaching License (Number 33557), in Computer Science and Data                                         Technology.

                              Ministry of Education, Israel.


Learning outcomes in MATLAB project-oriented agile course
Learning outcomes in software programming project-oriented agile courses
Is project-oriented agile learning environment creating graduates who integrates in industry more perfectly.
“Stakeholders’ perceptions of appropriate management methods on educational and technological institutes.
The perception of employees involved in technological educational institute about management
Psychoanalytic, Behavioural, Cognitive and Biomedical relation to the treatment of phobias.


Papers and abstracts

2016 - Booklets on Programming ANSI C, Python 3.6 and OpenGL 4.1.

2015 - Unix/Linux/Operating Systems Booklet.

2010 - Data Communication & Information System Booklet.

2009 - Routing network data - Dijkstra's Algorithm and ICT, PKI - Security as a basis for

     organizational Growth-Public Key Infrastructure.

2008 - Real-time voice transmission over the Internet - Voice over Internet Protocol.

    ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network-Integrated Services Digital Network.

2007 - ADSL- regular phone line digital communication line, Network communication via

     satellite Communication Net-Work, mobile phone Networks-Cellular Network.

2006 - Cell Phone & Cellular Communication & Digital/Analog modems, E-commerce

                  EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Memory management and virtual memory management - Virtual Memory Manager.

2005 - Managing memory pages / was in the way management addresses – Memory

           Paging Memory Addressing & open systems model - OSI.

           Architecture of operating systems - NT architecture and sub ​​systems.

           Electronic information exchange network - EDI - Electronic Data Interchange.

2004 - Computer Science and information technology teaching approaches, training

           workshop and didactic teaching.

2003 - Introduction to Internet & Web - Internet Websites, programming, Wireless

          century – The 21st Century Wireless Communication.


Departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. program: C Software Programing, OpenGL Graphic, Software programing, UNIX OS