Dr. Zeev Fradkin

Dr. Zeev Fradkin

Dr Zeev Fradkin received  the M.Sc. from Hebrew  University. He participated in development of optical switch by Chairo networks.  In his Ph.D. (from Weizmann Institute) femto-second laser interaction with semiconductor surface was investigated by two-photon photoemission. The last research is focused in application of dip pen nanolithography for optical devices


Electrical and electronics engineering


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2002-2007  Ph.D., Chemical Physics department, Weizmann institute, Israel.  Dissertation title: Laser control of photoemission.  Adviser: Prof. Naaman, R.     

1990-1993  M.Sc., Applied Physics department, The Hebrew University, Israel.  Dissertation title: Fundamental aspects of Bacteriorhropsin photo-response.  Adviser: Prof. Lewis, A.      

1987-1990  B. Tech & App. Sc., Physics/Electro-optics department, Jerusalem College of Technology


Application of dip pen nanolithography for optical devices

Laser interaction with semiconductor surface

Ion traps & Mass-spectrometry


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