Dr. Vladimir Frid

Dr. Vladimir Frid

Dr Vladi Frid is a senior and qualitative researcher with significant experience in the fields of rock physics (fracture mechanics/dynamics) and applied geophysics (acoustic/seismic emission and electromagnetic radiation). During the period of his work at BGU he was a principal researcher in several investigations granted by Ministry of Infrastructure and Israeli Academy of ‎Science. He was a research team leader (Isotop Ltd) in the frame of international ‎investigation (European Research Agency - FP7-PEOPLE-2011-‎IAPP - Marie Curie Industry-Academia ‎Partnerships and Pathways, ‎grant agreement No. 284544 (PARM2). This research in the field of fracture dynamics consisted of a wide cooperation with several Universities ‎ abroad (Univ. ‎Loughborough (UK), Univ. Aberystwyth (UK), Univ. ‎Liverpool and ‎Rzeszow Univ. of Technology (Poland)‎). Being one of 12 international experts/reviewers assessed different research areas in the frame of a research audit on hydrocarbon recovery of Skoltech University (that is the modern Russian University created last years jointly with MIT), he was noted by the General Manager as the only one whom was able to commenton all research directions of the unit". The areas of research which were reviewed included the fields of hydraulic fracturing and fracture dynamics among others areas in rock physics. His scientific list includes more than 50 referred papers and two monographs (including invited by Spinger)


Civil engineering
Senior Lecturer


217 Bnei Brit


1992-1994  Post Doctoral Research Fellow.  Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.  Advisers: Prof. Dov Bahat and Prof. Avinoam Rabinovitch.

1985-1990  Ph.D. in Rock Physics. All - Union Mining Geomechanics and Mine  Surveying Science Research Institute (VNIMI). Dissertation title: Rockburst forecast by electromagnetic radiation ‎induced by fracture - diploma with top distinction, the novelty of ‎scientific works is verified by 9 inventions (Russian patents)‎ Adviser: Prof. Proskuryakov V.    

1979-1985  M.Sc. in Rock Physics.  Saint-Petersburg Mining Univ., Dissertation title: Rock pressure control on ozocerite deposit. ‎‎- diploma with top distinction, the novelty of scientific works is ‎verified by 2 inventions (Russian patents)‎.‎ Adviser: Prof. Borisov, A. 



Rock and soil mechanics,  Fracture mechanics and Rock physics, Applied and Environmental Geophysics including failure analysis of different materials under external stresses, application of geophysical methods for stress monitoring under subsurface, fracture problems associated with earthquakes and induced seismicity, monitoring of highway and  railway structure, landfill studies, environmental and hydrological investigations.


2018-2021     Engineering Geology for Tunneling (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)

2017-2021  Introduction to Engineering Geology (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)

2017-2021  Rock mechanics for Tunneling (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)

2016-2021  Soil mechanics -1 (+ exercises), (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)

2016-2021  Introduction to earthquake (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering)

2016-2020  Application of engineering geophysical methods for design, construction and maintenance of tunnels properties (Ben Gurion  University of the Negev)‎

1993-2005  Introduction to rock physical properties (Ben Gurion  University of the Negev)‎

1993-2005  Applied geophysical methods for the rock stress estimation (Ben Gurion  ‎University of the Negev) ‎

1993-2005  Rock testing by geophysical methods (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)‎

1993-2005  Fracture mechanics (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)‎

2002-2002  Introduction to soil mechanics (+ laboratory and exercises) (Negev Academic ‎College of Engineering)‎

2002-2002  Introduction to engineering geology (+ exercises), (Negev Academic College ‎of Engineering)‎


2020     V. Frid (SCE – Sami Shamoon College of Engineering) - Acoustic emissions caused by ground liquefaction (three-axis dynamic study)‎ - Grant of Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel

2017-2020 V. Frid (SCE – Sami Shamoon College of Engineering) - Changes of asphalt dielectric properties due to temperature and moisture variation‎ - SCE Grant

2018     V. Frid (SCE – Sami Shamoon College of Engineering) - guest, G. Mishuris (Aberystwyth University, UK.) - host.  Geothermal/waste water deposits: study on induced ‎seismicity diminishing. UK - Israel ‎Science ‎Lectureship ‎Scheme ‎‎2018/19‎,  Grant from British Council.

2018-2027        Erasmus +, with Prof. Stelios M. Potirakis, Dept. of Electronics Engineering. University of West Attica. ‎- successful application.


2006-2017  Dozens of engineering and environmental soil and rock investigation including underground ‎openings, karsts and sinkholes finding, landfill descriptions, economical mineral prospecting, ‎archaeological studies (Grants of Israeli and international soil consultants) (4 peer reviewed papers).‎

‎2015           Investigation of highway pavement quality  and pavement layers thickness of Israeli highways (6500 ‎km). (Grant of National transport infrastructure company)‎

‎2013           Investigation of ballast, sub-ballast and sub-grade layers of the entire net of Israeli railways (1000 ‎km). International  project in cooperation with IDS (Italy) and Terra (Swiss). (Grant of Israel Railways ‎company) ‎

‎2010           Comprehensive soil investigation of Haifa and Ashdod sea ports including computer design of 3D ‎model of subsurface soil structure of both sea ports (Grant of Israel Ports company). (1 peer reviewed paper).