Dr. Kfir Ben Harush

Dr. Kfir Ben Harush

Kfir received his B. Sc and M. Sc in chemical engineering, and Ph. D in Structural biology from Ben-Gurion University. His Ph. D studies was performed with Prof. Ohad Medalia. During that period, Kfir and colleagues decipher the architecture of nuclear lamin filaments assembled in vitro. Kfir was awarded the Lev Margulis Memorial Prize in the field of microscopy for that work. Currently, Kfir lab uses lamin proteins to build nano- to macroscopic biological materials. Overall, the lab seek to answer the following fundamental questions: What are the structural and mechanical properties of lamin proteins assemblies in health and disease? How does a single point mutation alter the architecture and mechanics of hierarchical structures assembled from nuclear lamins? The answer to these questions has broad ramifications, from a fundamental understanding of structure-function in protein materials to cell nucleus mechanics



Chemical engineering


Bnei Brit / 130


2010 -2011           Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

                               Postdoctoral studies, Department of Biological Chemistry

                               Project: "Structural characterization of membrane-bound FtsY-    ribosome complex of E. coli" 

                               Advisor: Prof. Eitan Bibi


2005 -2010          Ben Gurion University, Be'er Sheva, Israel

Kreitman Graduate School, Ph.D. Program, Department of Life   Sciences

Dissertation: "The structure and function of the nuclear lamin filaments"

                             Advisor: Prof. Ohad Medalia





2003-2005            Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

                              Chemical Engineering; M. Sc, August 2005, with distinction

                              Dissertation: “Catalytic properties of solid alkaline metal

                              hydroxides in oxidation of 1-phenylethanol to acetophenone”

                              Advisors: Prof. Moti Herskowitz and Prof. Adi Wolfson


2000-2003            Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

                              Chemical Engineering; B. Sc, June 2003, with honor


Protein-based fibers
Intermediate filaments proteins
Lamin proteins
Structural biology (cryo electron microscopy)


Introduction to chemical engineering I (material balance)
Introduction to chemical engineering II (energy balance)
Introduction to chemical engineering III (separation processes and thermochemistry)
Thermodynamics I (Mechanics)
Thermodynamics II (Solutions)
Fundamentals of heat transfer
Fundamentals of mass transfer
Introduction to statistics and process control
Design and analysis of experiments
Biomimcry and entrepreneurship
Chemical engineers at the Natural Gas Industry  


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