Ms. Alona Kutsyy

Ms. Alona Kutsyy

Fields of research are: computer security, software security, information security, applied cryptography, theoretical cryptography, attribute base cryptography, networking, network security


 Ph.D studies at Ben Gurion University. Ph.D dissertation deals with cryptography, security and networking


Final projects at SCE also deal with security: security in smart cards (using RFID, NFC technologies), video and voice recognition for banking systems, anonymous message delivery, QoS routing,  etc


Software engineering
Be'er Sheva


2015-current Ph.D studies at Ben Gurion University

2012-2014  M.Sc. in Software Engineering, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel. Thesis title: “Event Detection in Twitter”, Adviser: Dr. Vanetik, N.      

2009-2013  B.Sc. in Software Engineering, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel.  Final Project title: “Interactive School Web Application with Data Mining Approach”.  Adviser: Ms. Rosin, S.     

2001-2002  Teaching License.  Key College of Education, Israel.  

1993-1998  B.A. in English and German Languages.  Vinnitsa State University, Ukraine.


Since 2014  Cyber research using virtualized Networks. Supervised: Prof. Shlomi Dolev. Ben Gurion University. Israel


Operating Systems

Real Time Systems

Software Fundamentals

Industrial Processes

Linear Systems

Complexity and Computability

Introduction to Computer Communications

Introduction to Compilation

Computer Networking

Applied Cryptography