Dr. Meirav Topol-Amram

Dr. Meirav Topol-Amram

My name is Dr. Meirav Topol-Amram and I am currently the Head of the Mathematics Dept in Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in the Ashdod campus. Overall I have worked there for 9 years starting off as a lecturer. I am also married with 3 young children

After high school I carried out a 2 year mandatory military service in the IDF in civil defence. My academic studies were carried out in Bar-Ilan University throughout and I my post doc positions were in Erlangen-Nuernberg University, Hebrew University & Bar-Ilan University

I specialize in the field of algebra, geometry and algebraic geometry. Recently I have also started to specialize in the didactic aspect of teaching and student learning of mathematics


Mathematics department
Senior lecturer




2005-2008 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, Advisor: Prof. Mina Teicher.
2002-2005 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Hebrew University, Israel, Advisor: Prof. Ruth Lawrence, Prof. Ehud De-Shalit, Prof. Hershel Farkas.
2001-2002 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg,
Germany, Advisor: Prof. Wolf Barth, Prof. Herbert Lange.
1995-2001 Ph.D. in Mathematics. Bar-Ilan University, Israel, Dissertation title: Galois covers of algebraic surfaces, Advisor: Prof. Mina Teicher.
1992-1995 M.Sc. in Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, Dissertation title: Braid group and braid monodromy, Advisor: Prof. Mina Teicher.
1990-1993 Mathematics Teaching Diploma. Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
1989-1992 B.Sc. in Mathematics (major), Sociology-Anthropology (minor), Bar-
Ilan University, Israel.


Since 2014 Mathematics and Music.
Since 2013 Teaching and Learning of Sciences and Mathematics (2 peer reviewed papers).
Since 2003 Plane curves, line arrangements, conic-line arrangements, properties of curves
(6 peer reviewed papers, 1 paper in Proceedings).
Since 2006 Application of Geometry, Algebra, Knot-Theory, Topology, Development of
the braid monodromy, finding and developing invariants of algebraic
surfaces, developing plane curves and branch curves, discovering of
Galois covers of algebraic surfaces (12 peer reviewed papers, 1 paper in
Since 2006 Braid Groups, Artin and Coxeter Groups (3 peer reviewed papers).


2006-2008 Amram, M., (Bar-Ilan University and HIT), Garber, D., (HIT), Kulikov,
V., (Steklov Institute, Russia), Geometry and topology of singular
algebraic varieties, Grant of `The Israeli-Russian Federation
Scientific Cooperation', $32000.

Competitive research grants:
2014-2017: Competitive research grant (SCE) - 140,000 NIS.
2011-2014: Competitive research grant (SCE) - 90,000 NIS.


Since 2008 B.Sc., Calculus 1 & 2, Linear Algebra, SCE, Israel.