Mr. Roei Regev

Mr. Roei Regev

Roei Regev (b.1981, B.Des Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, 2008) is an award-winning graphic designer, editor, art director and artist. In his practice he wishes to explore the relations between content and form by using research-based experimental methods and techniques

Exhibitions include The Design Museum Holon, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Boston University College of Arts & Sciences, Dvir Gallery Tel Aviv, The Fridge Tel Aviv and more. Collaborations include local and international leading organizations, popular products, film companies, musicians and artists


Visual communication
Academic coordinator


2004-2008       B.Des Visual Communication. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem      

2022-   MFA studies, Art dDepartment, Haifa University     


1. Introduction to Elements of Form  
2. The Basics of Typography
3. The Basics of Visual Thinking   


2021 - A Cover Story, Article in Haaretz newspaper

2021 - Book of Specificity, Ehud Kassif, Resling

2014 - 2021 Editorial illustrations for Haaretz newspaper

2019 - The Illustrated Land, Portfolio magazine

2019 - The Illustrated Land, Catalog, Haaretz

2018 - Printscreen, a weekly column in Musaf Haaretz

2015 - Photoanalysis, Lea Golda Holterman, Kineret Zabam Dvir