Mr. Ruben Honiat

Mr. Ruben Honiat

I am Ruben Honiat, 30, married with 2 children, resident at Ashkelon

I did my Aliyah at the age of 18 from France (Paris) in 2005 without a family after having obtained my baccalaureate in order to join the army. Since my childhood, being Jewish, I felt a bond of serving and protecting the State of Israel

After a year of learning Hebrew (Ulpan) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I realized my dream and I engaged in the IDF. I spent part of my service in the artillery unit and a second in the air force as an F-16 technician

At the end of my military service in 2009, it was obvious to me that higher education was essential for a course mixing curiosity and success. I started my studies in preparatory class in the SCE engineering faculty in Ashdod

I finished my engineering degree in electricity and electronics (1st degree) with the honor rolls in 2013 at the Faculty of Engineering SCE and immediately after, I continued my studies of Master (2nd degree) in physics and electrical engineer

Since the end of my engineering degree, I teach physics at the SCE engineering faculty

During the show, I represent a school for higher education (SCE) that personally allowed me to advance and succeed perfectly my integration into Israeli society


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2016-2018   M.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Holon Institute of Technology
2009-2013   B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SCE Academic College of Engineering