Dr. Galia Limor-Sagiv

Dr. Galia Limor-Sagiv

Galia Limor-Sagiv is a historian of landscape, environment, and waste. Her PhD, from  the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, is about the history of the landscape of Hiriya. Hiriya is Israel’s largest landfill that operated for 50 years and is currently being turned into a nature park. Her interests include man-made landscapes, infrastructure studies, and the impact of brownfields on humans and nature. Limor-Sagiv’s publications are on the establishment of the Hiriya landfill in the 1950s; The 2004 international competition for the rehabilitation of Hiriya and the coalition that fought to save the historic sycamores trees in Jaffa


Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

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BA - Philosophy and general studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MA - History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MA - Environmental studies, Porter school of Environmental studies, Tel Aviv University
Phd - The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Landscape architecture
Infrastructures studies
The impact of brownfields on humans and nature
Waste and landfills


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Galia Limor-Sagiv and Nurit Lissovsky (2022), The Trash has Gone – The Trash Mountain Remains: A new look at the international design competition
for the Rehabilitation of Hiriya landfill in Israel, Landscape Research, 48 (3)


Galia Limor-Sagiv and Nurit Lissovsky (2023), Place and Displacement: Historical Geographies of Israel’s Largest Landfill, Journal of Historical Geography, 80, 32-43


 Galia Limor-Sagiv, Nurit Lissovsky and Naomi Angel. (2023). “Israel’s Largest Landfill Rehabilitation: Creative Landscape Design as a Catalyst for a Functioning Metropolis” Planning Perspectives



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