Ms. Vera Reichstat

Ms. Vera Reichstat

My name is Vera Reichstat. I repatriated to Israel from Russia in 1990. I graduated from Pskov State Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages Department. I hold an M.A. degree in English and German Languages summa cum laude. After finishing an academic course for newly repatriated English teachers offered by the Ministry of Education, I started to work as an English teacher in Technological College of Engineering. In 1998, I started to work as a part-time and then as a full-time lecturer in SCE - Sami Shamoon College of Engineering. In 2016, I was appointed Head of the English for Academic Purposes Unit. During all years of my professional activity, I have been participating in various professional development programs, conferences and workshops in the field of English for Academic Purposes instruction both in Israel and abroad


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Head of Department
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

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1977-1982      M.A. in English and German Languages.  Summa cum laude.

                       Foreign Languages Department, Pskov State Pedagogical University,



1994               Academic course for newly repatriated English teachers. 

                       Ministry of Education, Israel



English for Academic Purposes - Pre-Basic

English for Academic Purposes   -   Basic

English for Academic Purposes - Advanced B