Dr. Ronit Shmallo

Dr. Ronit Shmallo

Ronit Shmallo is a Lecturer in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Shamoon College of Engineering SCE. She is teaching mostly computer science courses. Ronit received her B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. She received her M.A in Science education (with excellence) from the Tel Aviv University. She finished her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science Education, also from the Tel Aviv University, in 2013

Ronit served as an officer in the Israeli Army. She used to tutor soldiers in "Raful project" and was an instructor in a basic officers course. She worked at "ELTA", a subsidiary company of the aircraft industries as a Compuer Engineer. She worked at electronic warfare development

Ronit taught at the "Michlala Leminhal". She was the head of the Comptuer practical engineering studies 


Industrial engineering and management



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2007-2013 Ph.D. in Computer Science Education. Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Dissertation title: 'Cornerstones of Object Oriented Programming through Learning from Mistakes'. Adviser: Ph.D. Ginat, D.     

2001-2005  M.A. in Science education (Magna Cum Laude). Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Dissertation title: 'Array Addressing in Programming- Perceptions and Comprehension'. Adviser: Ph.D. Ginat, D.      

1987-1991  B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. 


Misconceptions of students in Computer Science and Databases.
Basic elements in Object Oriented Programming through learning from mistakes: difficulties of beginners in learning OOP and different ways to learning from those mistakes.
Teaching semantic data modeling in Databases: Learning from mistakes in teaching and creating Entity-Relationship diagrams (ERD) and Normalization.
The establishment of information systems based on programming in conjunction with databases.


Since 2017: M(models)V(views)C(controller) Website

Since 2017: Analysis and design of information systems in the Object Oriented approach

Since 2017: Visual Programming

Since 2005: Foundations of Programming Languages

Since 2008: Object Oriented Programming

Since 2008: Data Structures