Prof. Ahmad Salman

Prof. Ahmad Salman

Professor Ahmad Salman joined the SCE- Shamoon College of Engineering at October 2007 as a lecturer at the physics unit after he won the MAOF MA'OF FELLOWSHIPS ESTABLISHED BY THE KAHANOFF FOUNDATION 2008-2010. He finished his Ph.D in Physics at Ben-Gurion University in the field of infrared spectroscopy. Today, in his academic work at the college, he is investigating many research subjects using a variety of spectroscopic methods

In his CV, he won many internal SCE (820 KNIS) and two external grants: KAMIN (~ 1200 KNIS) and ISF (1120 KNIS) as detailed in his curriculum vita

He is investigating several biological systems and collaborating with various researchers

The main projects

Infrared microscopy and advanced multivariate analysis for the detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Distinction between bacterial and viral infections based on simple blood tests using infrared microscopy and multivariate analysis
Neurological diseases
Different projects regarding characterization and identification of fungi using infrared spectroscopy

Prof. Salman has served as a referee for many internationally recognized academic and scientific journals, Analyst, Analytical Chemistry, Nature Communications etc

On four separate occasions at SCE, Prof. Salman has been awarded recognition as a leading researcher

In the teaching field, as reflected in his teaching survey, Prof. Salman is considered a good teacher. His office door is always open for his students


Physics department
Associate professor
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

D Building(60) / 301


1995-2002 Ph.D Ben-Gurion University Physics Department

1990-1994 M.Sc. Ben-Gurion University Physics Department

1987-1990 B.Sc.Ben-Gurion University Physics Department


I am currently investigating several biological systems and collaborating with various researchers from Israel and USA. My research interests include: FTIR-Microscopy, Infrared spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Raman, Biomedical Applications, Medical Physics, and Optical Diagnostics


External grants

2019-2020 KAMIN  won (329 KNIS)

2020-2021 KAMIN won (325 KNIS)

2019-2024 ISF (1120 KNIS)


Internal grants

SCE internal grant  2008-2019  820 KNIS


Physics 1(a&b) (lecturer & assistant)            

Physics 2 (a&b) (lecturer & assistant)                        

Introduction to physics (lecturer & assistant)        

Laboratory Instructor                                                        

Differential Equations (assistant)