Ms. Svetlana Rosin

Ms. Svetlana Rosin

Mrs. Svetlana Rosin has obtained a M.Sc in Computer Science from Kuybishev Institute of Technology  and  is currently a faculty academic staff at Department of Software Engineering of Shamoon Academic College of Engineering in Beer Sheva campus, Israel. Her research interests  include data mining and HCI, Human Computer Interactions


Software engineering
Be'er Sheva
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

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1982-1987 B.Sc + M.Sc – Computer Science, Technology ,Kuybishev (now Samara) Kuybishev Institute of Russian Republic , USSR


Data Mining : KRIMP compression algorithm for protein databases  and HCI (Human Computer Interactions).


Introduction to computer science

Object-Oriented Programming

Principles of Programming Languages

Data bases

Real Time systems

Introduction to computer networks