Dr. Zuk Turbovich

Dr. Zuk Turbovich

1.Experienced product designer, with SolidWorks certifications. Prior to the current position, chief designer in an innovation group of a world leading company, and co-developer of few patents


Mechanical engineering
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

202 Katsir(50)


2001 – 2005 Bachelor of Industrial Design (B. Des) – Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.


Since 2013- PhD student – Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati – India.


As part of the PhD research – Design Methodology for Personal 3D-Printers.
Comparative teaching research in the course Engineering Graphics - Comparison between an independent practice method and a conventional practice method.
Surface finish treatments for FFF 3D printed parts.


1.Engineering Graphics, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Engineering and Design 1+2, Design and Engineering 1+2, Design for Manufacturing, Design and Development of Mechatronic Systems 2.


Avital, I., Turbovich, Z., Monga, C., (2014) "Sunyata Toolbox: From

Spaceless Typography to Product Design", Typoday, Pune India.


Turbovich, Z., Avital, I., Mazor, G., Das, A.K., (2016) "Personal 3D Printing -  A Remapping of the Relationship between Product Designers, Products and Users", NordDesign, Trondheim Norway.


Turbovich, Z., Avital, I., Mazor, G., Das, A.K., Kalita, P.CH., (2017) "Personal 3D Printer: Self Design and Manufacturing", Guwahati India


Collaboration with 'Carasso Science Park' in the course 'Introduction to Engineering and Design 2.

Collaboration with 'Soda-Stream', 'Nano-Scent' and 'Netafim' in production of new concepts for new ideas under workshops' frame.